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Electrical System Maintenance……Where is your business?

A preventive maintenance (PM) program is a schedule of regularly planned maintenance testing and actions with the intent of preventing breakdowns and failures. Finding and replacing worn components before they can actually fail is the goal of preventive service, as well as predicting useful life of existing equipment.
We are all very good at our PM programs on our water and HVAC systems but the electrical distribution system is often the most neglected and important part of our building operations. An Electrical Preventative Maintenance (EPM) program should be performed on a regular basis. The period between work depends on the environmental conditions, the importance of the equipment and its loading and use. However, EPM should be performed at least once every three years — and more often for critical components. NFPA Code 70B, lays out some specific testing recommendations. This code outlines a recommended practice for preventive maintenance for electrical, electronic, and communication systems and equipment. Specifically, the code calls for an Effective Electrical Preventative Maintenance Program (EPM) to enhance worker safety, workplace productivity and efficiency, and reduce environmental impact.