Our sole purpose at MTI is to provide the best possible building performance, comfort and safety.

News 30 Year Milestone

We are excited to be able to celebrate our 30 years of business as Mechanical Technology, Inc. On June 1,1988, MTI was incorporated as a new business. Thank you to all our past, current and future customers and employees who have helped build this business

News Electrical Glove Testing

Electrical gloves should be inspected for damage before each day’s use and immediately following any incident that can reasonably be suspected of having caused damage. If during the inspection any of the following defects are found the gloves must be removed from service: holes, tears, punctures, cuts, ozone cutting, ozone checking, embedded foreign objects, swelling, softening,… more »

News Safety training is one of the most important requirements for electrical workplace safety.

Found this great article in the current Plant Services Journal: Recently, in an effort to improve workplace safety, the industry has begun to focus on protecting workers from the arc-flash and arc-blast hazards that are present when they must perform work on energized electrical equipment. NFPA 70E is an industry consensus standard that defines the… more »