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News Why does my business need an Arc Flash Coordination Study

Is an arc flash study really necessary – or just a lot of red tape? How do I justify the cost?

You may have heard these questions. You may have even asked them yourself. The fact is, a quality
arc flash hazard analysis program delivers tangible benefits to your organization that far outweigh the
time and cost involved in implementing it. Here are just ten of the many ways arc flash hazard
analysis can benefit your company:

•Minimize the effects of arcing incidents at your facility – or prevent these accidents from
happening at all!

•Protect the lives and health of the personnel who work on or around your electrical equipment.

•Prevent damage to expensive electrical equipment by identifying abnormal conditions within
the electrical system (e.g., underrated equipment or equipment that is overloaded).

•Improve the reliability of the your electrical system, which, in turn, raises the operating
efficiency of your facility.

•Help your company comply with the safety mandates of the OSHA General Duty clause,
NFPA Standards, and other applicable safety regulations.

•Produce information that can reduce your company’s workers’ compensation costs and
insurance rates.

•Provide important safety data for any subcontractors working at your facility.

•Update all information related to your facility’s electrical system – including its single-line

•Guard your company against the high costs associated with arcing accidents: regulatory fines,
legal fees, and increased insurance premiums.

•Protect your company’s good name, helping to secure its long-term future.