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News Arc Flash can happen anytime to anyone

An arc flash explosion at an office building in Jacksonville, Fla., sent two to the hospital with severe burns on Friday. The explosion happened in electrical equipment that powered the CSX building. One man worked for Jacksonville Energy Authority, and the other man worked for Graham & Company Real Estate, which owns the building. They… more »

Training Do you provide the proper PPE for your workers?

Are you providing your workers with the appropriate PPE for the type of work they are doing? Even if they are working on mechanical equipment, they may be exposed to dangerous electrical hazards. We can help with both minimizing electrical hazards and supplying you with the proper PPE. Don’t let an accident like this happen… more »

Training Managing Arc Flash in Your Facility

Here are six questions that plant managers and building operators must be able to answer about arc flash protection. 1. What level of arc flash risks exist in my plant? 2. How do I begin the arc flash hazard analysis process? 3. What worker protective measures can I take? 4. What mitigating measures can I… more »