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News Product Announcement – Network 8000 Availability – Update

Unfortunately the reign of a solid product line is coming to an end; NETWORK 8000. As indicated in the communication from September 2010 the MicroZone II and PEM controllers contain components no longer available, nor is there a replacement component. In addition, components for the Network Interface Module GCM-ETH-001 and GCM-ECH-001 can no longer be secured for manufacturing. These products have been exhausted and are no longer available to order.
Without these I/O controllers and the NIM controllers the NETWORK 8000 product line no longer is a viable system option.  However, over the last 15 years Schneider Electric has offered the TAC I/A Series LON and BACnet controllers which include exceptional I/O controllers that perform the application requirements currently operated by NETWORK 8000. Plus, the I/A Series G3 systems provide backwards compatible communication drivers for GCM and ASD. This configuration provides a world class solution for both old and new systems.

Product Availability:
The following product groups will no longer be available for purchase after parts are exhausted:
•Global Control Modules and Assemblies
•Application Specific Devices and Assemblies
•MicroNet 2000 and Assemblies

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