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Training Job Task Analysis

The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) is sponsoring a study to define the occupation of a building commissioning professional – a person who has project management authority for commissioning and retro-commissioning commercial, institutional and industrial buildings (i.e., non-residential buildings). The results of this study will be used to regulate the commissioning profession. Given that the results of this study will directly impact the work performed by commissioning professionals, NEBB is asking all CPs engaged in commissioning to verify the extent to which the proposed job description is consistent with the job performed by NEBB’s commissioning professionals.


We are seeking current industry practitioners whose work falls into one or more of these job categories to complete a validation study by April 25, 2014. Your participation should take approximately 30–45 minutes and you may complete more than one validation study, if applicable. When determining applicability, please focus on the details of the job descriptions provided on the validation study Web page rather than on the job title, as job titles frequently vary from one employer to another.
• Energy Manager
• Building Energy Auditor
• Building Operations Professional
• Building Commissioning Professional