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News Human focused lighting

A colleague sent this the me today and it sparked my interest on how facilities are approaching lighting and their employees.

How much of your life do you spend indoors, under artificial lighting? In a mid-1990’s study, the U.S. EPA found that Americans spend 87% of their time indoors. That is a significant portion of an individual’s life. We all know how natural light changes in intensity and color throughout the day – low light levels in the morning and evening, higher in the mid-day – and studies show that our body functions cycle in coordination with these changes over the 24-hour day. There are concerns that too much bright blue light (which nature produces mid-day) used at night on devices leads to difficulty falling asleep. I think many of us can attest to that fact personally.

It stands to reason that all of the time we spend out of the natural light cycles as well as under constant light colors and levels would have an impact on how we function as humans. What if we could mimic natural light and its daily changes in our buildings? Would we have a positive impact on the performance of people in those spaces? The answer could prove to be a tremendous boost in personal productivity.

Human Centric Lighting is defined as lighting that can benefit the biological and emotional health of people. Tunable LED lighting coupled with control systems can allow us to program both light levels and colors to mimic the natural environment as well as its changes throughout the day. Early studies show improved performance in students exposed to tunable lighting versus typical lighting sources.

Lighting technology has progressed tremendously in recent years, but this is especially true in relation to LED advancements. The goal of human centric lighting design is to create efficient lighting options which maximize productivity by enhancing interior environments. Using a professional lighting designer in conjunction with an experienced, knowledgeable electrical contractor will achieve this end. We strive to be on the forefront of lighting technology and consider each project in relation to all maximum performance measures. Attention to detail is paramount so being sure your contractor is up to speed is critical.

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