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News 30 things you don’t want to hear from your facility manager

1. I am too busy to plan ahead.
2. I am sure I can Google and figure out how to fix that.
3. I haven’t been on the roof in years.
4. Where did I put that knife.
5. What budget?
6. I am never caught up.
7. I know a guy…
8. Storing gasoline and paint in the same closet is fine.
9. That is the way we have always done it.
10. Why would we want to “Go Green?”
11. Our team spends X hours each week adjusting thermostats in the building.
12. I have all that information in my head.
13. I don’t like to use technology…that is just who I am.
14. To save cost we are changing to single ply toilet paper.
15. I don’t answer my phone on the weekends.
16. I am not sure how much money is needed to keep our facilities up to speed.
17. I don’t know how many square feet is in our facility.
18. We’ll just get volunteers to paint the _________.
19. The carpet looks fine to me…we cleaned it 10 years ago.
20. I am not sure what that odor is. I am sure it will just go away.
21. LED will never become mainstream.
22. Life Cycle! Is that a new kind of bike?
23. Hello Mr. Fire Marshal. Can you wait here while I go move somethings?
24. Let me set up the ladder on this table to reach that high area.
25. What is OSHA?
26. We are a _______ so we do not have to comply to codes.
27. I am sure we do not need a permit to add on that room.
28. HVAC air filters should last at least a year. I only use the building once a week, how much dirt can that produce?
29. The smoke detectors kept beeping so I just unplugged them.
30. It’s not my job!!!